About me

Discord: reuven

My story with VR clubbing started out of curiosity towards self-expression and interest for music.
I think that out of all places, VR has unique advantage to let you be whoever you want and really express yourself without limits.
It's that "virtual masquerade" that feels extremely liberating.
Allows for freedom of being anyone, or simply... being the most truthful version of oneself.
In my private life I work a corporate job, so freedom of expression isn't really something you see a lot. For someone with creative drive it's a bit suffocating.
Derelict and VR music events as a whole, are my sanctuary. An outlet for creative expression:
music, dancing, digital art, photography. These are some of my most enjoyable hobbies.
But what's most surprising,
is that things I discovered in VR are translating into my "real life".
I started doing photography for real, learned how to dance for real, gained a deeper understanding of music for real.
VR can feel a bit ethereal: you can see it but you can't touch it.
However, it does physically affect us.
Be it a change of personality, self-discovery or igniting a passion for something
we didn't know we've had inside of us.
It helped me to reconnect with my creative self and I hope it enriches other lives as well.

Event posters


Aftermovie from Derelict event.


Aftermovie from Derelict event.